Betsy Ewall, LMT

It is my passion and my pleasure to assist you on your journey to health


"Just wanted to let you know how much you have helped me with my carpal tunnel.  I was losing feeling in my fingers and have had so much pain.  Since I've been coming you you, my hands don't go numb at night and the pain is gone too.  I wish everyone knew that you could help them! I've had carpal tunnel for many years and this is the best they have ever felt.  Your work is a blessing"  


"Betsy is a warm, intelligent and deeply caring therapist. You can feel all of this in her touch and presence. Thai massage is amazing in that it allows her to work very deeply yet does not hurt at all. It also works energetically to balance me mentally, spiritually as well as physically. I am enthralled to have found her!


 “Betsy, you are amazing! I've been crippled with knee pain since last November. After one of your treatments, I'm pain free and walking normally! Thank you so much! I was a little scared of Thai Massage at first, but it is so pleasant and doesn't hurt at all. It feels good and it's fun! Flying is fun too! I swear I'm taller “


"I have gone to Betsy several times and  through her work on an injury affecting my shoulder, I have no more pain. I later suffered from plantar fasciitis, (oh so painful) and in one session it was relieved by about 75%. Her work goes beyond making you feel great and relaxed, it is truly healing. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and imparts a lot of wisdom on holistic therapy.  Thank you Bets!!"


"One of the best body workers I've experienced, Betsy has a gift with Thai massage. Took me from needing 600mg of ibuprofen to function with my hand to being mostly pain free. Thanks again Betsy."


"I have been going to Betsy for massage for the past three years.  She is an amazing healer!  Betsy always listens and has good advice to give related to any discomfort or concerns.  I had experienced post op swelling and pain in my leg and after one visit I noticed considerable improvement.  Betsy's studio is very inviting and her energy is contagious!  Thank you Betsy for your wonderful gift of healing"



"Betsy's dedication to help me get some long standing body issues resolved has been greatly appreciated. Her knowledge of Thai techniques is one of the best I have experienced. Pound for pound she is a dynamo of a Therapist.  Her love of the art of massage therapy is only topped by her friendly smile. I totally recommend Betsy to everyone."





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